Welcome to Verified Proxies! We offer the largest lists of recently verified proxies available.

We have verified 1,991 proxies in the past 24 hours alone, and we continue to verify proxies every second of every day which we make available to you via an API (there were 888 verified in the past 6 hours!)

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Why Register?

We'll give you 675 reasons to register!

That's right! We have 675 proxies which we have verified to be either Anonymous or Elite in the previous 24 hours.

Every one of our proxies has a unique IP address, there are no duplicate IP addresses in any of our lists! Some of our competitors will claim that these two hypothetical proxies and are two completely different proxies and count them as such which is why we clarify.

All of our proxies are classed as HTTP proxies and allow you to POST data without modifying it in any way.

They're absolutely perfect for:

Just add &level=A,E to the end of your API url and it will return only Anonymous and Elite proxies.

I don't care about anonymous proxies, how many elite proxies do you have?

We have 332 proxies which have been verified as being elite within the previous 24 hours. Just add &level=E to the end of your API url and it will return only Elite proxies.

Wait, what exactly is an "Elite Proxy"?

Elite (aka High-Anonymous) proxies are the very best type of proxy. They not only hide your IP address (by only showing their own IP in the REMOTE_ADDR header), but they don't add a single header that reveals that they are a proxy at all, helping you access services that try to prevent proxy connections by looking for those headers. A short list of the most common headers we weed out are:

None of the headers above are added on to any of the elite proxies. That's what makes them elite, the fact that they don't give away any information at all suggesting that they are a proxy.

So what's an Anonymous Proxy then?

Anonymous Proxies will not reveal your IP address in any way, but they will add some or all of the headers listed above to the connection, giving away the fact that you are connecting via a proxy. Most websites don't even check for that, but some do, which is why we separate the proxies so you can pick and choose what suits you best!

But I just want proxies from a certain geographical area!

We categorize every one of our proxies by both country and continent using the standardized 2 letter ISO codes. Want to retrieve a list of proxies from the USA? Then simply add &country=US to your API call. Need a list of proxies from Africa only? Then tack on &continent=AF. You can even select proxies from multiple countries at once, just append more country codes like so &country=US,GB,CA - that would return a list of proxies from the USA (US), Great Britain (GB), and Canada (CA).

I heard public proxy lists are terrible!

Some are, that's true. But we're different! We check literally millions of unique proxies per day. We have the largest list of public proxies with the highest level of granularity imaginable. You can even select proxies by uptime. Adding &uptime_greater_than=89 to your API call would yield proxies that we have verified to work at least 90 connection attempts out of 100.

Not only that, but you can choose proxies as fast or as slow as you'd like them to be via our API. Adding &completion_max=10 to your API call would return a list of proxies which we have determined complete their requests in under 10 seconds. Adding &connection_max=5 would produce a list of proxies whose connection times were all 5 seconds or less.